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The main goal is granting members tools with voice channel control, without admin assistance

To understand how it works you need to know about several main entities that are the main elements of the VRB

Space - Space that contains rooms. Room - Contains voice channel and its owner. Text - Text channel which is also part of the room.

VRB has a permissions system that can be delegated to some members or roles. Permissions can flexibly restrict user access to commands The permissions are divided into 3 groups:

Main Permission - Permissions for all server members and all spaces. Space Permission - Permissions for a particular space. Special Permission - Permission for a special user or role.


After adding the bot, you need to create a space using the special command. Then the bot will create the space with a voice channel. After entering the channel, the bot creates a new one, which will move you.
The channel name will be set automatically (by default is the user nickname). The voice channel (Room) is private. The user who created the room is the room's owner.
The room owner has functions to control its room.
The bot deletes left empty rooms.
The user can control his room with commands in a specific text channel (the list of commands is presented below).
Also, users can create a text channel to text messaging with other users from the private room. The created text channel is the part of the room and it can be viewed by users from the same room only. Not @everyone.
The user-created text channel can be moderate with specific text commands within this channel
You can create several spaces.
It doesn't matter where the channel for creating rooms is located

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Разработчик: NORI#9999

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Жду активации бота. Жаль, что не предупредили участников и информация только на дискорд сервере. Для остальных говорю, что бот проходит верификацию дискорда.(изменено)

Перевода не хватает а так нормальный бот

Сойдёт, норм бот, правад с антикрашами плоховать работает, а так 7/10

Хороший бот, все функции работают нормально, но сегодня весь день находится в офлайне и не работает

Припустим норм но баги есть оценка моя ну середнея